Monday, January 09, 2012

Revlon Naughty Swatch

Good morning, dear readers!

How was everyone's weekend?  Mine was pretty good! :D

Today I have a swatch of Revlon Naughty for you (MariJo, this one's for you! :D).  I believe it is the same as Revlon Perplex, but re-released under a different name.  It is a dusty purple with a gorgeous light purple shimmer in it.  Here are the pics:

This is so pretty!!  When my sister tried it out, her first reaction was "it applies like mud!" in that it is VERY pigmented.  It was almost completely opaque in only one coat!  This is two with a coat of China Glaze Fast Forward top coat.  Unfortunately I kept getting fuzzies on my nails because I would hit them against my extremely fuzzy house coat (the ring finger nail was the worst-that's why the end looks a bit rough!) before they were dry.  These nails were done without cleanup so you can see that you can get some pretty good control with this polish.  It has one of the thinner brushes, which I really like!

(EDIT: I added these in for fun!! :D  This is with two coats of Finger Paints Flashy over top!)

So, what do you think? :D  Unfortunately it wasn't until after I took the second set of photos that I realized that there was a stray flakie on the tip of my ring fingernail.  Whoopsie!

Take care everyone!!



  1. That's gorgeous, it reminds me of Barry M Dusky Mauve! And it looks amazing with Finger Paints Flashy over the top :) you might have just inspired my next manicure! x

  2. Thanks so much for posting this hon. I love it!!! It's great to hear that it's so opaque and has a good formula. You know I'm going to pick it up now right, lol.
    I also like the combo with flashy!

  3. Looks great with the flakies! It's weird how Revlon is re-releasing their polishes with new names (saw some other ones on another blog. Didn't realize they re-did Perplex, too!)

  4. It's very pretty! I love the shade and the shimmer!

  5. wow this layering is so pretty

  6. Love the purple shimmer! Oh and where did you get Finger Paints in Canada? I've been looking...

  7. I bought this when it was Perplex and it's one of my all time favorite purple polishes. So gorgeous! You wear it very well :)

  8. @ Leanne: YAY!! Thank you very much! :D

    @ MariJo: I'm so glad that you like it!! I think you will be very impresses with the opacity and formula! :D

    @ Lindsey R: I am so glad they are doing this, because other than this one I don't have any of the others lol. Now if only I could find Whimsical!

    @ ChromaCraze: Me too!! :D I was very impressed with it! :D

    @ Shannara: Thank you so much! :D

    @ Jayne: The only place I've seen it are at the Sally Beauty supply locations. I was so happy when I found out that we have Sally stores in Canada!!! :D

    @ Amanda: Thank you so much! :D It is so nice!!

  9. Thank you so much for posting this! :D For a long time, I looked for Perplex, but couldn't find it anywhere. Then my good friend was sweet enough to give me this Polish polish that was a dupe of it. :) I fell in love with the colour.

    But now that you mentioned that Naughty is a dupe for Perplex, I may have to try my luck hunting that down so I have a back-up bottle for that Polish polish! :D

    And your manicure with the flakies on top is gorgeous! WOW! I really could never get sick of flakies.

  10. Very pretty purple! Love the finger paints!

  11. @ Swatch and Learn: Thank you so much! :D I'm so glad that your friend sent you the Polish polish dupe!! :D That is awesome! I hope that you can find Naughty! I am pretty sure that they released this version only a little while ago, so hopefully it won't be too hard to find. :D

    @ Polish and Charms: Thank you!! Me too!!! :D

    @ Duckie: Thank you very much! :D

  12. beautiful color! i love it, looks great on you

  13. Such a pretty color! Amazing that it was opaque with just one coat!

  14. @ LittleMonsterx14: Thank you so much!! :D

    @ drinkcitra: I know!! I was really surprised!!

  15. I have to get my hands on these Finger Paints flakies.

    So gorgeous! I love how it looks over the Revlon Polish.

    I also like the Purple flashes I see in the Revlon polish. Gorgeous!

  16. @ Lizzy O.: Thank you so much!! :D I was pleasantly surprised by this combination!!! :D

    @ Amy: Me too!!! :D

  17. Yup, Naughty is Perplex under a new name. I was so heartbroken before because I wanted Perplex SO bad. Then when I heard that Naughty is the same under a new name, I searched for it and found it immediately. I saw Whimsical at Kmart but not at Walgreens where I found Naughty.

  18. Beautiful!!! I am loving the flakies :)

  19. These are beautiful! I only have one Sally Girl polish and that's a glow in the dark. I wonder, how well to they stay on?

  20. The purple is awesome! I love the flakies you added!

  21. Great color - it complements your skin tone nicely. And the flakies are just the icing on the cake! Though, honestly, I want to buy Revlon Naughty just because of the name. Hehe


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